Middleton Pickleball Courts

Middleton is a small town, but has a lot of wonderful Canyon County Pickleball Club (2CPBC) members.  One great thing about playing pickleball in Middleton is that there are both indoor and outdoor courts, and they are located right next to each other downtown, on Main Street.  During the winter months, especially, the indoor courts in the Community Center are in use, every weekday morning.

To find out if people are playing pickleball in Middleton, you might want to check our Facebook page, 2C Pickleball, or look at the scheduling tool many of our members use, Playtime Scheduler for the Boise-Caldwell.

Middleton Community Center

The community center in Middleton is a sports and events facility with a basketball court that is converted each weekday morning into three pickleball courts.  With a lovely and lively wood floor, these Middleton pickleball courts are a joy to play on.  Outdoors, right next to the community center are outdoor tennis courts that have been painted for pickleball.  The outdoor courts are part of the local school district and are only available when not in use by the schools. 


Pickleball in Middleton is typical of 2CPBC - open play, all are welcome, and fun is the main goal.  The address for the Community Center is 113 W Main Street.  

Wherever you decide to play in the western Treasure Valley, whether in Middleton, Caldwell, or Nampa, you'll find wonderful people who can become great friends.  We are dedicated to open play that includes everyone, treats people with respect, and is just fun for all.  Come and join us.  You'll see that pickleball can embrace everyone while providing great competition.

Places to play picklball in Idaho's Canyon County