Nampa Pickleball Courts

Things are looking up for pickleball in Nampa, Idaho, and you can play pickleball in several different locations.  The most popular public pickleball courts are at Midway Park, but there are two other public venues and a great pay-to-play sports club. Canyon County Pickleball Club members may be found at any of these locations.  As always, we try to be friendly, open, and fun.  


Look at the club's  Facebook page, 2C Pickleball to see recent posts about where our members are playing or schedule a time on Playtime Scheduler for the Boise-Caldwell-Nampa area to get poeple to join you.

Midway Park in Nampa

The new Midway courts show that pickleball in Nampa is thriving.  There are 6 high quality outdoor courts in the park.  All are available for open play and public use, though they can be reserved for special events through Nampa Parks and Recreation.  Court involvement is a little different than is used for pickleball in Caldwell.  Check with players or the park website for details.  


The address for Midway Park is 14309 Midway Road, which is about 2 and a half miles south of Karcher Road.

Mettle Sports

Mettle is a multi-sport gym/club with pickleball, basketball, volleyball, and more.  It's a great place for pickleball in Nampa, with a lot of courts.  Open play goes from 8am to 2pm every weekday, on a first-come, first-served basis.  There are sometimes tournaments or open play on Saturdays, as well.  And courts can be rented for private play.


You will need to be a club member or purchase a pass to play here, and passes are available on a daily or monthly basis.  The club is located at 3001 E Badger Drive.

Nampa Recreation Center

A wonderful indoor place for Nampa pickleball is the Nampa Recreation Center (also known as the Harward Recreation Center).  The center offers "pick-up" style play 7 days a week.  Open play is from 8am to noon on weekdays and Saturday, and 2pm to 6pm on Sunday.  The number of courts set up varies.


You can find the Nampa Recreation Center just of 12th Ave Road at 131 Constitution Way.  All sorts of recreational activities are available here.

Lions Park

Nampa pickleball is also available at Lions Park.  The pickleball courts are part of the tennis facility, with lines painted to allow either pickleball or tennis.  The center court is all set and ready, while the west courts will require you to bring your own portable net.


Lions Park is in central Nampa, just off from Caldwell Boulevard, at 400 Lyons Drive.

Places to play picklball in Idaho's Canyon County